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Sakkijha Story

Three Generations. One Passion.

In 1930, Abdel Latif Sakkijha opened the doors of his first jewelry house in Jaffa, Palestine, bringing timeless creations in gold designs that became highly desired for their sublime beauty and intrinsic value. Today, each Sakkijha Jewelry piece preserves and perpetuates the founder’s passion for superb craftsmanship that weaves exquisite diamonds, gems and precious metals into dynamic and breathtaking designs.

At Sakkijha Jewelry, discerning clientele find divine jeweled art meticulously created at the hands of highly skilled artisans, turning jewels into personal treasures with perfect dimensions, proportions and angles of reflection. Excitement and exuberance emanate from the luminous qualities of Sakkijha Jewelry, making those who wear it look and feel radiant, beautiful and confident.

Personal style statements are vividly expressed in an array of magnificent collections. With bold, playful contemporary visions and pieces with enduring classic aesthetics, Sakkijha Jewelry showrooms are a spectacular theatre of pure luxury fused with unmistakable glamour and extravagance.

Step into the world of Sakkijha Jewelry.


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